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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

How is the root canal treatment in our clinic performed?

Painless root canal treatment at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic has 8 steps:

  1. Priority is the accurate diagnosis: on the free consultation your endodontist specialist states you need root canal treatment. The diagnosis is based on the examination of your teeth, and on a panoramic x-ray.
  2. Pain relieving and preventive therapy: you can have upfront therapy to reduce the volume of infection beforehand, thus ceasing the sensation of pain and creating an infection-free environment for a successful root canal treatment.
  3. Local anaesthetics to beat the pain and discomfort: prior to the treatment your specialist provides local injections to make the whole procedure painless for you.
  4. Exploration and cleaning of problematic areas: following the removal of decayed parts the root canals become accessible and cleanable for the endodontist. The length of the canals is determined by special electronic root length-measuring device because the most accurate assessment of the length is essential for an accurate filling later on. This is followed by the thorough cleaning and sterilization of the root with which pathogens in the root can be safely destroyed.
  5. Regenerative therapy with medication: the properly cleaned and disinfected root canal will then be sealed with fillings that contain medicines. This aims to reduce infectious pain, and to recover the tooth.
  6. Permanently filling the root: after the healing period the root canals are filled to protect the canals from incoming pathogens, and to block the development of pain in the future.
  7. Restoring the tooth: once the roots are sealed aesthetic filling or inlay is made for the tooth to restore the original chewing function. Such a prosthetic is almost identical to the natural teeth.
  8. Leave your root canal treatment to our internationally experienced specialist if you want painless, aesthetic pleasing and durable end result. Your root canal treated teeth will function just as well as healthy, intact teeth would.

Professionals at Saint Lucas SPA Dental clinic invite you to a free consultation where you can check out the latest pain-free techniques and how prepared our specialists are.

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In what situations do you need endodontic treatments?

There are the symptoms that obviously tell us you need root canal treatment for a durable resolution of your problem.

What do you have to do if you want an experienced endodontist to save your teeth?

Root canal treatment falls into restorative dentistry and as such it gives a chance to save our teeth so they regain their original function and can serve us for a long time. Endodontic techniques on the other hand are not always successful. Thorough grounding and dedication is needed to ensure the success of such treatment, and to make it a lasting solution for you.

How can your root canal treatment be pain-free?

Root canal treatment is a procedure to save your natural teeth and to prevent them from the threats of extractions. It is done when the root canal of a tooth is in acute infection. Deep caries can easily result in the death of the pulp cavity. In this case the poisonous particles of the bacteria can reach the pulp cavity causing inflammation. To stop this condition root canal treatment is performed aiming to save the tooth and restore its functions.

What is put on to the implant and how is it made to look so natural?

What makes implantation special among other things is that the screws are hidden by the gum after the surgery yet this stable artificial root provides support later for the aesthetic, natural-looking crown. This is the most prominent part of all.

Which implant system should you choose for a durable, aesthetic and comfortable result?

In Hungary today there are more than 30 different implant systems are available. So it is not easy to choose the one that best suits your particular needs from every aspect.

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