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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

In what situations do you need endodontic treatments?

There are the symptoms that obviously tell us you need root canal treatment for a durable resolution of your problem.

The symptoms:

  • Spontaneously developing tooth ache lasting for hours that disappears eventually.
  • Teeth may become sensitive to cold, warm, or to sweet and sour flavours.
  • Your teeth get sensitive under pressure or when biting. This refers to a state when infection has reached not only the pulp cavity but it has already spread around the roots.
  • If the decay is so deep that the root canal also becomes infected, and so does the pulp cavity.
  • If a larger piece breaks off the crown part of the tooth thus the apex of the root is injured.
  • During its examination your tooth turns out to be dead.

As the outcome of a successful root canal treatment the quality of your life and health conditions will improve significantly:

  • Pain can be stopped.
  • Tooth sensitivity can be terminated.
  • Formation of further infections is avoidable.
  • It is possible to avert the formation of cysts.
  • The aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth becomes possible.
  • Unlimited reconstruction of the chewing function of teeth.

If you discovery any of the above symptoms, preventively visit a dentist before such a problem occurs.

Dental professionals at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic would like to help you put an end to the inconveniencies infected teeth can cause you by successfully performing the latest endodontic treatments.

You are welcome for a free consultation where you get instant and professional information about painless endodontic techniques and how to cease the pain quickly.
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How is the root canal treatment in our clinic performed?

Painless root canal treatment at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic has 8 steps...

What do you have to do if you want an experienced endodontist to save your teeth?

Root canal treatment falls into restorative dentistry and as such it gives a chance to save our teeth so they regain their original function and can serve us for a long time. Endodontic techniques on the other hand are not always successful. Thorough grounding and dedication is needed to ensure the success of such treatment, and to make it a lasting solution for you.

How can your root canal treatment be pain-free?

Root canal treatment is a procedure to save your natural teeth and to prevent them from the threats of extractions. It is done when the root canal of a tooth is in acute infection. Deep caries can easily result in the death of the pulp cavity. In this case the poisonous particles of the bacteria can reach the pulp cavity causing inflammation. To stop this condition root canal treatment is performed aiming to save the tooth and restore its functions.

In what cases can we apply one of the latest technologies: the computer-designed surgical template?

Research activity is continuously going on in the field of dental implantation in order to find the best techniques that make implant surgery safer and more comfortable for patients.

How can you find out if you need surgical treatment or how can you get reassurance and professional answers to your questions?

Oral surgical treatments are indispensable parts of a sequence of complex procedures. These treatments are necessary to save the teeth or insert dental implants to replace missing teeth. 

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