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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

Surgical solutions to wisdom teeth-related dental problems

Wisdom teeth often cause uncomfortable days. This is related to the fact that the molar teeth far back have no room in the jaw bone to grow. This very often leads to improper growing directions. As a result teeth may not or only partially erupt and find their way out of the gum. Proper cleaning of such teeth is not possible without compromises. We could end up with impacted and infected wisdom teeth that cause serious pain and inconvenient dental issues. 

An impacted wisdom tooth may generate additional problems, too. By pushing neighbouring teeth to the front, these teeth can easily make an otherwise nicely set of teeth jammed. Such phenomenon can only be treated by orthodontic methods.

Wisdom teeth may get trapped by another tooth half-way through. Then bacteria can get access to the gum thus causing infection that may result in heavy pain, swelling and lockjaw.

This condition might seriously threaten the surrounding teeth as well. This area is hard to reach while cleaning therefore caries can easily develop on the neighbouring teeth, too.

In the attempt to prevent further troubles it is worth having these wisdom teeth extracted sooner rather than later. This helps you avoid infectious problems with your wisdom teeth and also helps to keep the healthy teeth away from bacteria.

If your wisdom teeth are troubling you or you just think ahead, visit Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic for a free consultation with one of our oral surgeons.

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How can you find out if you need surgical treatment or how can you get reassurance and professional answers to your questions?

Oral surgical treatments are indispensable parts of a sequence of complex procedures. These treatments are necessary to save the teeth or insert dental implants to replace missing teeth. 

Removal of tooth roots to prevent the development of and to eliminate cysts

It often occurs during the extraction of teeth that a part of the root remains in the bone. This may function as a source of infection in the future.

What problems can be solved with oral surgery?

Despite its frightening name oral surgery is very useful in many different cases. Procedures of this category are indispensable to regain healthy bite functions and that make us possible to live a quality life.

How can your root canal treatment be pain-free?

Root canal treatment is a procedure to save your natural teeth and to prevent them from the threats of extractions. It is done when the root canal of a tooth is in acute infection. Deep caries can easily result in the death of the pulp cavity. In this case the poisonous particles of the bacteria can reach the pulp cavity causing inflammation. To stop this condition root canal treatment is performed aiming to save the tooth and restore its functions.

In what kind of situations should we take our kids to an orthodontic specialist?

Orthodontic treatment can improve the beauty of our smile and the health of our teeth at any age. However there is an ideal time to get started. This is when one can achieve the best results over the shortest period of time at the lowest costs.

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