His work is leeding by precision and perfectionism. The priority for him is to make sure you get the full picture of your orthodontic treatment.

He will outline different alternatives to help you make a well-thought-out decision. During the treatment he focuses on making every procedure painless and the time you need to spend in chair short yet effective.

He is specialized in treating orthodontic and temporomandibular joint problems. He has knowledge of and apply many different techniques for orthodontic treatments while paying special attention to facial harmony and the protection of mandibular joints.

He regularly attends international and Hungarian conferences and courses. Since 2012 he has been teaching orthodontists about the system of passive self-closing devices, and their potential application.


  • 2004. Albert Ludwig University Freiburg (Freiburg, Germany)
  • 2001-2006. Semmelweis University, Faculty of Dentistry (Budapest)
  • 2009. Semmelweis University, Clinic of Paediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • 2014. VieSID Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Areas of expertise

  • Paediatric treatments
  • Adult treatments
  • Aesthetic and cosmetic treatments
  • Functional treatments
  • Self-closing, soft-power devices:
  • Operating Damon technology (host lecturer of the system)
  • Innovation Technology
  • Lingual invisible orthodontics: Incognito, technology, engineering, ETC.
  • Clear Align, Alph @ Ligne-engineering,
  • Facial harmony analysis, Andrews diagnostics
  • Trainers
  • Application of NTI
  • Treatments for mandible joint diseases
  • Repositioning shield therapy
  • 2010. Therapy for craniomandibular disorders

Distinguished professional courses

  • VieSID Basic Curriculum - The Comprehensive Slavicek Education Program, Vienna
  • Damon technology from the perspective of advanced users, Roma DamonSymposium
  • Damon technology from the perspective of elementary users, Roma DamonSymposium
  • STB - Guiseppe Scuzzo, ALightLinqal technology, (2011, 2012)
  • Incognito Lingual Braces courses
  • OrthoWeekend
  • Modern orthodontics: quality and efficiency. Sampermans I.-II.-II.-IV.
  • Myofunctional trainers in the dental practice
  • The Bruxism diagnosis and therapeutic options
  • Harmony of the face and jaw joint relationship with braces, Munich. Prof. Lawrence F. Andrews
  • 2010. Temporomandibular therapy - Therapy for Craniomandibular Disfunctions

Lecturer experience

  • 2015. Damon technique step by step
  • 2014. Damon Study Club, Balatonfüred
  • 2014. Introduction to the passive self-closing technique, Budapest
  • 2013. Damon technique step by step
  • 2012. Introduction to the passive self-closing technique, Budapest
  • 2010. Translation of foreign courses and articles

Professional memberships

  • 2006. Hungarian Medical Chamber
  • 2006. Hungarian Association of Orthodontus
  • 2007. General Dental Council, UK (GDC)
  • 2007. Dental Council of Ireland


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