Hogyan lehetnek fájdalommentesek a fogászati és szájsebészeti beavatkozások az Ön számára is?

How is it that a dental and surgical treatment is pain-free for you?

Childhood memories still associate visit to a dental clinic with pain. However, dentistry in general has gone through significant improvement over the last decades and that has great advantages for you, too.

  • Dental procedures have moved on to more gentle solutions
  • Owing to advanced anaesthetic techniques treatments have become almost free of any pain and discomfort (unfortunately one still has to cope with the discomfort caused by keeping your mouth wide open for a good while)
  • Results of the treatment are incomparably more aesthetic than ever in the past.
  • As a result of modern procedures prices show a decreasing tendency.
  • Results of dental procedures have become more durable

So this is it – the right time for you to secure the soundness and beauty of your teeth gently and pain-free.

At Lukacs Spa Dental clinic we have two methods to treat your teeth painlessly:

  1. In case you have fear of injection, a special jelly is used to make the anaesthetic procedure painless.
  2. The amount of local anaesthetic is carefully adjusted to your personal pain tolerance and extra doses is given if the procedure continues to cause you discomfort.

So gentle and pain-free dental treatment is indeed available, you only have to choose the right dentist with empathy towards patient. Every professional working for Saint Lucas Spa dental clinic pays special attention to avoid causing you unnecessary discomfort during the treatments.

Here we are waiting for you for free consultation. Let us introduce the painless dental treatments to you.

Call us on the +36 1 790 3282 and visit us for a free consultation.



The interior design of Szent Lukács SPA Dental in harmony with the pleasant wellness atmosphere of Lukács Spa makes the dental treatments even calmer, more relaxing and friendly.



Szent Lukács SPA Dental clinic provides a consultation free of charge for you in each case, where the necessary treatment and treatment plan can be established, and the cost of the procedures and their scheduling can be laid down, so nothing may come as a surprise to you.



The dental specialists of Szent Lukács SPA Dental, using the most recent and modern instruments, are working to provide you with a beautiful smile free of pain and fast, at the same time using personalised prices and offering a guarantee.



The clinic of Szent Lukács SPA Dental in Budapest can be distinguished in many ways from other dental surgeries, apart from the magic of the spa environment, our clinic takes the lead in the applied technologies as well.