Visit Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic and meet with the dental team in a friendly atmosphere where empathy and modern, gentle methods will make you forget the bad reputation of dentistry. You are welcome for a free consultation.


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The first step to solving your dental problems is a consultation free of charge.

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Young and dynamic specialists with several years of experience are waiting for you in order to treat your dental problems in a fast,
efficient and aesthetic way without any pain.

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One of the key elements of a successful dental clinic is a competent and experienced professional. Our dentists have everything to be a reassurance over the entire duration of your treatment and the warrantee period following the treatment procedures. If you want a dentist with experience, skill and empathy to carry out your dental treatments then visit Saint Lucas Spa dental clinic for a free consultation, and meet with the professional dental team in person.

For dentists at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic it is an absolute priority that you feel safe and at ease before, during and after treatment. Our achievement is based on feedbacks from satisfied patients. We can guarantee your safety during and after the treatments. It is worth visiting us for a free consultation, and get to know all the details of safe dentistry.

While designing Saint Lucas SPA Dental clinic we intended to create the calm atmosphere of a SPA to comfort you during your treatment. An unusual yet fascinating feature of this are the dental chairs overlooking the pools of Lukacs Thermal Bath adding calm, reassuring environment to a balanced treatment.

Dentists working for Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic take full responsibility for the quality of their work. You can feel safe as no matter what comes up with the completed prosthetics, if it falls under warranty, our team is available to fix the problems even by redoing the actual restoration works.

Gentle and pain-free dental treatment is indeed available, you only have to choose the right dentist with empathy towards patient. Every professional working for Saint Lucas Spa dental clinic pays special attention to avoid causing you unnecessary discomfort during the treatments.

We believe there is no such thing as cheap or expensive dental treatment. Only existing is the treatment the price of which is in conjunction with its quality, or is not. Our prices therefore are neither higher nor lower than other clinic's on the same standard. It is the standard of our dental and overall services we want to give you more of so that you can join our loyal and satisfied patients.

Lukács Thermal Bath

Saint Lucas SPA Dental in the Lukács Thermal Bath


Ever since the 12th century it has been a popular bath, and the cradle of the complex thermal bath facilities of Budapest, in the 2nd district of the city. The bath offers 8 pools of which 3 are open-air and 5 are indoor pools with countless medical therapies and amenities at your service.

For the visitor relaxation is made even more pleasant by a variety of different pools including thermal pools of various temperatures, whirlpools, as well as a fancy pool, equipped with a whirling corridor, water beam. In addition to these features buffet, saunas, steam rooms, massage tables, safety deposit boxes and sunbathing park serve your enjoyment.

Should you long for this lovely atmosphere of the bath at night, Lukacs Thermal Bath offer venues for events after opening hours.



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