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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

As an adult when should I turn to an orthodontist?

The world has changed a lot in the last decade regarding orthodontic treatments in adult age. Firstly because of the new techniques that came into light and finally took the special anatomic attributes of the adult into consideration thus applying the appropriate technique for the treatments. Secondly the perception of our environment about adults wearing braces has also changed significantly. Their braces are no longer a sign of immaturity but more of a health-conscious person of high personal standards and demanding environment.

Adult orthodontic treatments always involve fix braces of soft-power devices. The time scale varies between 1 and 2 years, and the procedure demands patience and attention.

There are important benefits of adult orthodontic treatments that are easily accessible for you:

  • Aesthetic outlook that makes you confident in your professional and private life.
  • Your irregular teeth could no longer prevent you from speaking clearly.
  • resolves the difficulties of chewing that often leads to digestive disorders.
  • As a result of evened-out load the jaw joints will not be damaged thus long-term issues of the jaw joints become avoidable.
  • With a straightened set of teeth proper cleaning is no longer an issue. Therefore the risk of early formation of plaque and decay is low.

Getting involved in an adult orthodontic treatment is worthy as it brings health and mental benefits, too.

One free consultation will answer the question why it is worth getting involved in the orthodontic therapy, and how it can improve the quality of your life.
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The successful correction of deviations of bite with orthodontic treatment

The situation when the connection of upper and lower teeth is not optimal is considered a deviation of bite. As an orthodontic issue it has multiple existing forms.

What do you have to do if you want to see the options an orthodontic treatment can offer to you and your children?

If you have made up your mind and turn to a specialist – that’s a good sign, and the harder part is done: you have convinced yourself. From then on it’s only a series of tasks you do step by step. A paved road you only have to walk through.

Who performs the orthodontic treatments at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic?

The orthodontist specialist at Lucas SPA Dental is Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof. As a skilled professional Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof’s precision work is not only supported by his relevant 9-year experiences but he also puts great emphasis on international conferences and courses to learn the latest methods of his expertise. Since 2012 he has been teaching orthodontists about the system of passive self-closing devices, and their potential application.

How to resolve jaw joint problems by using orthodontics

Typical symptoms of joint-related problems you can easily notice yourself...

The successful correction of a narrow, thin smile line with braces

Narrow, thin smile when the side teeth are often remain in shadow is a phenomenon that is an aesthetics as well as anatomic issue. It may emerge in childhood but often arise in adult ages. Behind this phenomenon is the bottleneck of upper jaw but its formation may be affected by the appearance of permanent teeth.

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