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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

Bone reconstruction for implantation

Today dental implantation is the best available way to replace missing teeth. In certain anatomical circumstances implantation is not a real option. Insufficient volume of native bone may well be an example of ineligibility.

Bone reconstructive procedures are indeed major oral surgical treatments requiring thorough grounding and skills; however this does not mean you undergo painful and stressful treatments. Owing to the continuous innovation of dental technology, artificial bone grafts are available thus the risk of these procedures is low.

You might be in need of bone reconstruction:

  • If bone has receded in the absence of teeth and natural stimulus of the bone, so the bone can no longer accommodate implants.
  • If we plan to replace your removable denture with fixed, implant-supported prosthetics but the bone condition is poor.
  • In cases when the sinus base is too close to where implant should be inserted therefore bone graft is necessary to fill up the sinus.
  • As time passes sinus tends to expand while its bony bottom gets thinner. When tooth is being extracted from that area, there is a risk sinus may opens up accidentally. In such case sinus should be closed and the missing bone replaced.

Whether bone reconstruction is a must can only be confirmed following a thorough examination.

As experienced oral surgeons Dr. Ruszin and Dr. Nagy are able to inform you if bone reconstruction is necessary for your implantation.

Request an appointment for a free consultation with one of our oral surgeons. Following a thorough examination they will provide detailed information for you on the bone conditions and possible bone augmentation.

You have right for fixed teeth! Get to know your options! 

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What to do if you want durable, aesthetic and cost-effective solution to have your missing teeth replaced?

It may be difficult to make such decision as lot of questions can come up...

What is put on to the implant and how is it made to look so natural?

What makes implantation special among other things is that the screws are hidden by the gum after the surgery yet this stable artificial root provides support later for the aesthetic, natural-looking crown. This is the most prominent part of all.

Which implant system should you choose for a durable, aesthetic and comfortable result?

In Hungary today there are more than 30 different implant systems are available. So it is not easy to choose the one that best suits your particular needs from every aspect.

Why does it always surprise patients that implantation is actually painless?

’Implantation surgery’ and ’implantology’ do sound very serious indeed. In fact they are serious procedures representing the top of dentistry. This makes people think that such a procedure ought to be inconvenient and even painful. But this really isn’t necessary.

What long-term negative health consequences occur if you do not have missing teeth replaced for a long time?

From feedbacks of our patients we know that many people believe that replacing missing tooth is only a matter of aesthetics. From a purely professional point of view this is untrue. In fact, we consider anatomical aspects first and foremost when making suggestion for implant treatment. Aesthetics are equally important thus we put great emphasize on them, too. The difference is that while aesthetics are well-known and noticeable, anatomical concerns are hardly prominent and their consequences often remain hidden.

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