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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

Porcelain veneers to refurbish your teeth in just one week

Once you have made up your mind regarding the smile makeover procedures you can expect quick and spectacular results. The good news is that the increasing demand has a positive effect on the evolution of dentistry and creates obvious aesthetic trends as well. As a result with a recently emerged technique we are able to complete your smile makeover treatment in merely a week.

This solution is called porcelain veneer. Its popularity has increased dramatically in the last two years. No wonder why!
The superb attributes and accessible price of veneers make this quick and outstanding smile makeover an available solution for many.

Porcelain veneer is a porcelain structure thin as an eye-lens. It is used when minor correction of the tooth’s shape or colour is needed. The thin layer is adhesively put on the surface of your teeth giving a new amazing outlook to your teeth and smile. Be ready for jealous looks!

Another reason for its popularity is that one doesn’t have to sacrifice much for such an impressive transformation. Very little of your teeth’s surface is actually removed for veneers. Therefore this makeover involves no pain or discomfort.

In just a week but in what situations do gentle porcelain veneers offer ideal solution?

  • if your teeth are irregular but you don’t want to engage in a time-consuming orthodontic procedure (porcelain veneers can even out minor discrepancies only, in other cases you may need orthodontic therapy or a combination of the two)
  • if you teeth that are displayed while smiling are discoloured, and you want them whiter
  • if you have had whitening already but were disappointed with the result, you can make your teeth bright white with veneers for good without having more whitening treatment
  • if the gap between your front teeth is larger than it should be by normal standards, and you want to sort this out
  • if your teeth are positioned incorrectly causing an aesthetic problem to you
Porcelain veneers offer an outstanding solution if you want to improve your smile in a short period of time. However this technique cannot be applied in every single situation.
Visit our clinic for a free consultation with our specialist who is an expert on aesthetic restorations. You will get personalized information about what ceramic veneers can do for your smile makeover.

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Metal-free prosthetics: high-tech production of crowns and bridges

A crown consists of two parts: The frame of the crown that is either made of metal or metal-free zirconium. The body of the crown that is a porcelain specifically chosen to match the colour of your other teeth. In order to make your tooth replacement nearly true to life and suit your needs functionally and aesthetically, two things must come together: The frame of the replacement crown has to be made of an aesthetic and translucent material. Accuracy at the edges of the crown to diminish the risk of bacterial infections.

When an aesthetic filling is no longer enough for you – aesthetic ceramic inlays

Ceramic inlay or onlay is basically a large filling you need for the restoration of a badly decayed tooth. In such case the cavity can be cleared out only by removing a great portion of the tooth’s material. Aesthetic filling is only suitable up to a certain size. Beyond that ordinary filling is not a safe solution.

Crowns and bridges: tested conventional and cost-effective methods since decades

We are referring to a crown when the treated tooth or an implant abutment is capped. Crown is applied when a tooth is damaged so much that an aesthetic filling is not sufficient enough to improve it.

What do you have to do to make your teeth shining and naturally appealing?

Demanding patients often come to us longing for much nicer teeth. It is our natural desire when having to see a dentist for a treatment that they not only deal with the functionality of our teeth but also with beauty of our smile.

Dental hygienic treatment that worth a whitening

As the time passes lime crystals from your saliva will be deposited on your teeth that are covered by calcification. This forms the plaque that cannot be simply washed away by brushing your teeth or by any home-made techniques because it is so strongly sticks to the surface of the teeth. Plaque or tartar is most frequently deposited on the lower molars or front teeth because this is where the exit of the major salivary glands is found. The not very appealing brownish-yellowish colour of the tartar is determined by the colour of foods we eat.

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