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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

The implantation procedure at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic

Dental implantation is indeed a well-thought-out procedure requiring great skill and experience, and it involves 8 steps.

This is how it looks at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic:

1. Initial consultation

If it is implantation you want for replacing your missing teeth in an aesthetic and durable way then you first have to meet our specialist for a personal consultation to get to know your alternatives. At Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic our two internationally recognized and experienced oral surgeons are pleased to see you for a detailed examination.
Call us on the +36 1 790 3282 and request an appointment for an absolutely free consultation.

2. Diagnosis - problems revealed

In order to completely expose the problems related to the implantation the specialist needs a panoramic x-ray that is made at our clinic. In special situations a 3D CT scan is requested for professional reasons. The scan is made at an independent diagnostic x-ray centre. Based on the pictures the specialist is able to confirm if implantation is a real option for you, and in what position you need the implants of different sizes for an aesthetic and durable solution.

3. Treatment plan and written quote

Following the diagnosis the specialist has the opportunity to precisely plan the implantation procedure. A detailed treatment plan is made for you that includes every medical information related to the intervention. This serves as the base for a written offer explaining in details every steps and costs of the treatment. All this will be discussed through with you.

4. Things to do before the implantation

Prior to the surgery begin the treatments to improve the general condition of your teeth. This will have a great impact on your smooth and successful recovery. Your surgeon and hygienist will create an environment that helps avoid the development of future infections. This includes scale and polish, and also filling replacements if needed.

5. The implantation – the actual surgery

Finally after the preparations we are ready to replace your missing teeth with dental implants. Local anaesthetics guarantee the painless treatment for you. Once you feel numbness in the surgical sites, the surgeon prepares the pilot holes for the implant screws of the planned sizes and width. When the implants are placed in the bone, the gum above it is closed with stiches to keep the area sterile. This is the final accord of the procedures and with the stiches completed the surgery is finished.

6. Temporary replacement is provided after the surgery

Following the successful surgery you will be provided with temporary teeth. This is assuming the surgical site is displayed when you smile therefore it is aesthetically required to wear temporary teeth during the healing period so not to feel uncomfortable.

7. Healing period

The surgical site needs to heal after the treatment and so do the implants need some time to integrate. This will provide the necessary stability that is required for the final prosthetics. The success and length of this period is very individual and subject to a great extent to your general health and willingness to maintain your oral hygiene. Often it takes about 3-4 months but this can go up to half a year.

8. The making and fitting of the permanent implant prosthetics

Once the healing period is over it is high time you get what you have gone through all this for: the permanent teeth. Your specialist takes impressions of your teeth and implants. Based on these the laboratory will create the optimal implant restoration for your individual needs.

With this final step your aesthetic and custom-fit teeth are ready. You can use these teeth without restrictions just as your natural teeth.

If you want to know more about the process of dental implantation, visit us for a personal consultation with our experienced dentoalveoral surgeons: Dr. Ruszin and Dr. Nagy. They are happy to inform you of the details of implantation procedures.
Call us on the +36 1 790 3282 and request an appointment for a free implant consultation.
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In what cases can we apply one of the latest technologies: the computer-designed surgical template?

Research activity is continuously going on in the field of dental implantation in order to find the best techniques that make implant surgery safer and more comfortable for patients.

What to do if you want durable, aesthetic and cost-effective solution to have your missing teeth replaced?

It may be difficult to make such decision as lot of questions can come up...

What is put on to the implant and how is it made to look so natural?

What makes implantation special among other things is that the screws are hidden by the gum after the surgery yet this stable artificial root provides support later for the aesthetic, natural-looking crown. This is the most prominent part of all.

Which implant system should you choose for a durable, aesthetic and comfortable result?

In Hungary today there are more than 30 different implant systems are available. So it is not easy to choose the one that best suits your particular needs from every aspect.

Why does it always surprise patients that implantation is actually painless?

’Implantation surgery’ and ’implantology’ do sound very serious indeed. In fact they are serious procedures representing the top of dentistry. This makes people think that such a procedure ought to be inconvenient and even painful. But this really isn’t necessary.

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