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Here you can find detailed information about all the oral surgery procedures, which are free of pain at our clinic.

Under what circumstances do you need dental implants?

Needs for dental implants arise when one or more teeth are missing for medical reasons or for parodontosis (periodontal disease). So you may need Implantation if:

Only one of your teeth is missing:

The most common reason for dental implantation is when only one missing tooth needs replacements. Less known is the fact that a single missing tooth can change the functions of jaw joints and it has an impact on the amount of load on the remaining teeth in general. That load is often disproportionate. If the neighbouring teeth are in good health the best way to solve the problem of a missing tooth is the implant.

More teeth are missing:

When multiple teeth should be removed or the existing teeth are not good enough for a traditional bridge (due to parodontal issues, or too much of an intact tooth should be shaved off) then with the use of multiple implants a so called implant-supported bridge can be implemented. In this case not every single tooth is replaced with an implant: the functions of three or four missing teeth may be taken over by two implants that can easily hold a 3- or 4-unit lab-made bridge.

One tooth is missing from the end of the line:

In this case it is likely that fixed replacement is not an option due to the absence of fixing point at the end of the line. Without such point the bridge lacks stability. With the aid of dental implants we can solve this problem. Even a bridge with multiple units became an option.

You have removable denture that needs support for stability:

Full or partial dentures often cause inconveniencies because they are unsupported and easily become wobbly when one is talking or eating. Sure this happens when it is most embarrassing. Dental implants provide steadiness for the denture making them wearable in every situation.

You don’t want to live with denture but do wish to live normal life and eat or smile without compromises.

Dental implants give you the opportunity to avoid what removable dentures mean.

Artificial roots enable us to make you professional and fixed sets of teeth (8 upper and 8 lower implants can hold a full bridge) that replace the missing teeth both aesthetically and functionally.

Either a single missing tooth or no teeth at all, with dental implant you can regain the biting ability you once had, and have new aesthetic smile again.

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What is put on to the implant and how is it made to look so natural?

What makes implantation special among other things is that the screws are hidden by the gum after the surgery yet this stable artificial root provides support later for the aesthetic, natural-looking crown. This is the most prominent part of all.

What to do if you want durable, aesthetic and cost-effective solution to have your missing teeth replaced?

It may be difficult to make such decision as lot of questions can come up...

Why does it always surprise patients that implantation is actually painless?

’Implantation surgery’ and ’implantology’ do sound very serious indeed. In fact they are serious procedures representing the top of dentistry. This makes people think that such a procedure ought to be inconvenient and even painful. But this really isn’t necessary.

Which implant system should you choose for a durable, aesthetic and comfortable result?

In Hungary today there are more than 30 different implant systems are available. So it is not easy to choose the one that best suits your particular needs from every aspect.

The implantation procedure at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic

Dental implantation is indeed a well-thought-out procedure requiring great skill and experience, and it involves 8 steps. This is how it looks at Saint Lucas SPA dental clinic...

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